The first sickly blog….

Keep Moving Forwards

Well, I feel I should be writing “welcome to you” whoever you are that is reading these words that I type. Yet the truth is….it is YOU that should be welcoming me. You see, this is so very new to me. Not the writing (I can handle that), but the posting, the being creative, being capturing, and then getting these words where I expect they should be (on this page somewhere….somehow…..oh looky there is the publish button)!

So please, if you are reading this….be patient with me or just simply look away until I have this whole blogging business under control.

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences, with a view to swap over to Medical Science (Nutrition Stream) within the year. I am very passionate on this topic, and am often amazed at how little the general public know about their food choices and the associated health implications that may come from this. I am hoping over the lifetime of this page that I can provide YOU with some facts and present research topics in all things Diet and Disease related! Whilst I will do my best to present this in a formal manner, I am sure there will be times when my personality will simply get in the way….and then….well, who quite knows what you will see here.

So, I think I am on my way and have now babbled sufficiently enough for a first post.


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